I believe in the power of being small instead of being big. I believe in the power of being quiet instead of making noise. I believe in the power of healing instead of justifying. I believe in the power of the unremarkable, unspeakable, the soft, gentle and ephemeral.

I believe in fragments, moments, and the immediacy of life. I believe in sitting down and doing nothing. I believe the time I wasted in gardens can pile up and transform to compost, constantly changing and renewed. I believe in gardens. I believe the garden is not still life, it seduces you into a landscape that changes as you move.

I believe in gaps, fissures and souvenirs. I believe in diaries and memories recollected. I believe a Madeleine cake dipped in tea has the power of time-travelling. I believe in a space to dwell in. I believe in nature. I believe when I am with nature I can be the forever child, suspended in the air, never becoming a grown-up.

I believe in the power of truthful things. I believe in meanings. I believe in myths, secret gardens, Eden that never dies, legends, dreamworlds, fairytales, allegories, proses, poems, dreams, that grows from small happenings, and my imagination is the yeast.

Humans and plants, evolving from the same ancestor yet separated. I am longing for the nostalgic reunion with you, plants. This is my Odyssey.

MA Visual Communication, Illustration Pathway
Royal College of Art

BA (Hons.) in Visual Arts, Craft and Design Concentration
Hong Kong Baptist University

Inside Out, Core Arts Gallery, London, UK
Trespass, part of Fringe Arts Bath 2023, Newark Works, Bath, UK

Sir John Hurt & Sworders Art Prizes Shortlist Exhibition, Adrian Hill Fine Art, Norfolk, UK
Home | Away, The Bhavan, London, UK

Fresh Trend 2021 Arts Graduates Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong
Art of Gap Group Show, ITALIC exhibition space, Berlin, Germany
AVA BA Graduation Exhibition 2021, Kai Tak Campus, Kowloon, Hong Kong

United in Bookplates, Providence University Art Center, Taiwan
Hacking Global Pop Icon, Summer show, Streaming by Vimeo


3x3 Illustration Show      Honorable Mention & Merit Prize
BIBF International Illustration Exhibition 2023      
New Talent Prize 
Bologna Children’s Book Fair—International Award for Illustration    Finalist
RCA Varley Memorial Award    Winner
Award360°    Shortlisted
Sir John Hurt and Sworders Art Prizes    Shortlisted

AVA keeper of Studios Collection

King Charles III’s Coronation Concert, providing visual backdrop as part of a unique Royal collaboration.
3x3 International Illustration Annual No.20
Content Free,
Content Free,

Seed Sowing with the Meanwhile Garden, during RCA2023 Truman Brewery

Talk and Discussion:
Volunteering as Art Research Method, with Louise Hung, during RCA2023 Truman Brewery